Apotheosis (Music for Films)

by DeRon

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The album “Apotheosis” is a musically conceptual project/experiment that takes a listener through a waking life from sleep to waking consciousness. This process is achieved with a linear tempo change coinciding with the effects of brain wave frequencies on the human mind and the specific arrhythmia's of the human heart.

Below we have a systematic breakdown of the quantum alchemy and emotional intelligence of “Apotheosis”:

I Annunciation:
Bradyarrhythmia Rhythm - 50 BPM - (Theta Waves)
1. prologue – The True Romance

Junctional Escape Rhythm - 60 BPM - (Alpha Waves)
2. Love Will Never Die
3. Do You Believe In Second Chances
4. After the Cosmic Rain

II Atonement
Resting Sinus Rhythm - 70 BPM - (Alpha Waves)
5. All The Blame Falls On You
6. You’re The Chosen One
7. Heartbreak Is My Only Symptom

Ventricular Rhythm - 80 BPM - (Alpha Waves)
8. The Most Beautiful Sound They Had Ever Seen
9. Tabula Rasa
10. She Is December

III Apotheosis
Normal Sinus Rhythm - 90 BPM - (Beta Waves)
11. This Sensual Fascination
12. The Lies Between Us
13. Digital Heartbeat

Tachycardia Rhythm - 100 BPM - (Beta Waves)
14. epilogue – And The Sky Would Break


released December 14, 2010

All Songs Produced, Arranged, Composed & Performed by DeRon.
Vocal contributions by Patsy Moore, Moira, T. Mill, + Mhyst.
Additional string arrangement by Aminia.
Woodwind + Brass by Adonís Santiago.
Drums by Smoke.

Cover artwork by John Provenzano - johnprovenzano.com

View digital booklet here - deronapotheosis.com/apotheosis/digitalbooklet.html


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Palisade Hills Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: DeRon featuring Moira - Do You Believe In Second Chances
Do You Believe In Second Chances?

Someone asked me a question out of the blue last night
Do you believe in second chances? His words turned my heart to lead
And made me so angry that he thought he had the right
To stir up those feelings I’ve kept locked away and left for dead

‘Cause I don’t believe everything comes to those who wait
I don’t believe that love is stronger than hate
My glass is half empty, it’s never half full
Love at first sight is a lie for fools
Passion isn’t all that it takes to achieve
And there’ll always be war and people in need

I don’t believe in second chances
Life takes away, it never enhances

He said, Don’t you believe in second chances?
That you hold wisdom and love deep inside
A place where faith waits and hope always dances
Don’t you believe an open heart can turn the tide?

I believe every end brings us a new beginning
That we can live in the light if we’re only willing
Life is good when you give instead of take
And inner happiness is a decision you make
Being together is better than living apart
And love that keeps burning is a form of art

I believe in second chances
I believe that loving life fulfils and enhances

Someone asked me a question out of the blue last night
Do you believe in second chances? His words gave my blind heart sight
And made me so happy that he knew he had the right
To stir up my feelings and turn my life, my life, my life towards the light
Track Name: DeRon featuring Patsy Moore - Tabula Rasa
tabula rasa
new york, april 1995

jagged manhattan skyline
(monolith spires piercing heliotrope mist)
feeds my gaze
avoiding yours
and i hope you gather
it is not reluctance to respond
but inability
(christ, have mercy
lover, take pity)
the back of my neck scorched by expectancy
while checkerboard tiles
in the stranger's kitchen
we presently occupy
persevere with sadistic undulation
i am too dizzy to remember my name
a condition
oddly recurrent
since you began pervading
my marrow
(i am incapable of identifying...
cannot distinguish...
cannot make out...
cannot detect...)
intervening our inception and this sunrise
i emerged
tabula rasa
undeveloped and void of memoir
floating like so much gossamer
a specter
herself haunted
examining your distinctive scrawl
to psyche
its chalky inscriptions
perchance to gain
knowledge of myself